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Snow Trip

Join us for a wonderful trip to the snow! Pack 83 will arrange for an overnight trip to Pinecrest (near Dodge Ridge) for fun snow experience. This trip takes place in January the weekend after MLK weekend. Note – for those who wish stay / camp overnight in the community center, space is unfortunately limited – so sign up early.

Sample Snow Trip Agenda

07:30AM Departure from Belmont.
10:30AM Arrival at Leland High Sierra Snow Play!  Buy your own tickets.  Snow play.  Lunch – bring your own or use their snack bar.  More snow play.
02:45PM Arrival at Pinecrest Community Center Map, Change Clothes, Set up your family’s sleeping area. Feel free to arrive anytime between 2:45-4PM.
03:00PM Snacks served.  Kids free play.
05:00PM Dinner – pizza & salads (gluten free / dairy free options available depending on attendees)
06:00PM Evening program – Winter Safety Discussion. Self organized board and card games – please bring your family’s favorite card or board game. Webelos (and younger scouts, if they want) will have the chance to learn the bowline knot.
08:00PM Quiet time begins. Some kids may want to read for ReadingPower. Lights out at 8:30PM

07:30 AM – Breakfast will be provided
08:00 AM – Pack up. Everyone should have their personal items out of the community center by 8:30AM.
08:30 AM – Clean up! Pack up and everyone will be asked to help clean up the community center (including vacuuming and mopping) via sign up ahead of time. You maybe asked to take a trash bag home with you :).
09:00 AM – Depart. The official trip ends. Some families may choose to go on a hike, back to Leland, or to Dodge Ridge ski area (5 mins away).


  • Previous years trip costs were $25, paid ahead of time. This covers dinner, breakfast and snacks.
  • Out of pocket there will be Leland Snowplay fees + Saturday lunch (bring a bag lunch or you can purchase it there).

Documents to Bring

  • Print out directions ahead of time and bring them with you. Navigation / internet isn’t reliable once you are in the Pinecrest area.
    Belmont to Leland | Address: 34033 Leland Meadow Rd, Pinecrest, CA 95364
    Leland to Pinecrest | Address: 2 Pinecrest School Rd. Pinecrest, CA 95364
  • Please also print, fill out, and bring these medical forms (Parts A and B ONLY) with you for each participant – adults included. We will hand these back to you at the end of the event. You can reuse the same forms on your next scout trip.
    Medical Forms (PARTS A and B for ALL participants)

Packing List

  • Snow clothes for both Saturday and early Sunday. Especially hats, gloves, and jackets. Remember to put clothes out where they will dry on Sat evening. Bring sunscreen (easy to get sunburned with sun and snow).
  • Sleeping pads, bags, and pillows for the overnight. A tent is optional — if you bring a tent, please make sure it fits the number of people in your party snugly (we have very little floor space, so big tents with just a few people in them will not work).
  • Regular clothes, toiletries, etc. You will need to remove your outside shoes as you come into the community center. You will likely want sandals or slippers to wear inside.
  • Headlamp or flashlight… just in case
  • 2wd cars should carry chains. AWD cars with all-weather or winter tires are typically okay without chains. Typically, 2wd cars will only need to put on chains if it snows. CalTrans Chain Policy
  • Please also bring your own reusable water bottles and hot water cups to reduce waste.
  • Bring your families favorite card game or board game for after dinner. Kids book for quiet time before bed.
  • You do NOT need to bring your own sled. Leland Snow Play provides inner tubes, included in the ticket price.


We’ll plan nut free snacks and meals with gluten free and lactose free options. To reduce waste (and save money!) we will have limited amounts of everything… here is the anticipated menu:

  • Snack will include a Chip selection with freshly ground chickpeas (hummus), Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, an assorted Veggie Plate with a dipping sauce, and Hot Chocolate.
  • Dinner will include a selection of Brick Oven Pizzas (Cheese, Pepperoni, Veggie Combo, and Mia’s Classic Club Combo), Crudités, and a mixed green salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, and croutons.
  • Breakfast will include Croissants, Bagels and Cream Cheese, Sliced Ham, Sliced Cheese, Assorted Fruits, Yogurt Squeezers, Orange Juice, Milk (regular + Lactaid), Starbucks instant coffee, and potentially some cold pizza.

Cancellation / Limited Space / Etc.

Like all scouting trips — this is subject to change or cancellation — this trip is particularly sensitive to weather. A partial refund will be given if the trip is cancelled — certain sunk costs like lodging, which is approx $3 per person, may not be refundable — we will try refund as much as possible.

Like all scouting trips – this trip is device-free — kids should not have any devices. As a heads up to parents, wifi and cell phone reception are limited. In 2019 – there was no wifi. No cell phones worked at Leland Snow Play. Verizon had some reception at the community center. AT&T had no reception.

Unfortunately just a limited number of people can stay at the community center because it isn’t that big — so sign up early. If the limit is reached, all are still welcome at Leland and for the events, but you will need to arrange for your own lodging or make it a day trip.

We try to keep things as simple as possible – but we’ll ask each adult staying in the community center to sign up for a volunteer role (15-30 mins of your time).

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